About Us

A Mall is a place where businesses and community organizations pool together resources to establish identity and residence, to gain exposure, develop a clientele, and provide an outlet for products and services. Meanwhile, reducing expenses in security, advertising, accessibility, comfort and a warm welcoming environment for patrons.

The Mall can also serve as a vehicle for businesses to promote neighbor businesses through cooperation and shared customer traffic.

The FL-Mall, a cyberspace mall, provides all the advantages and benefits of a real world mall, with the added advantage of providing an inexpensive testing ground for new products without the typical expenses of shelves, space, samples, etc.; utilizing instead: pictures, sounds, and product descriptions.

Shopping on the Internet also enjoys the dynamism of e-mail, downloading of pictures and in some cases, (such as music, software, books, etc.) samples which can be obtained almost immediately. In short, e-commerce provides great convenience for shoppers and great opportunities for businesses to make their products known and quickly obtainable to a potentially larger customer base.
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