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The bio-curves are based on patterns of the biological cycles:
Physical: a 23-day cycle; Emotional: a 28-day cycle; and Intellectual: a 33-day cycle.
The physical cycle has an 11 & 1/2 day up phase when the person is stronger and has more resistance, followed by a downward cycle of 11 & 1/2 days. The emotional cycle features 14 day periods of affection and affability, followed by 14 days of gloominess, self-doubt and irritability. The intellectual cycle has a 16 & 1/2 day period in which creativity and logical thinking are at high points, after which there is an equal period of poor concentration and ability. It is the intertwining of these cycles that is important.
When all curves peak, all is well; when the curves dip low, the individual's performance will likewise droop. When some cycles are moving up while others are moving down, it will be a mixed period of adequacy without brilliance.
The most difficult periods come when curves cross the zero point, going neither above nor below the center line. It is during these zero- crossings that accidents may occur, vulnerability to disease increases, and bad decisions are likely to be made.