Lotto Minder
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If you have bought lottery tickets, and forgot them on the dresser or in your wallet or purse, then wondered "did I ever check them against the winning numbers ... did I win anything?" ... You'll love Lotto Minder!
Just tell Lotto Minder the numbers you bought. It can be days before or up to 6 months after the drawing. If the drawing has already occurred, Lotto Minder will inform you right away on the screen; otherwise, Lotto Minder will check the drawing for you, as soon as the numbers are available, and send you an e-mail to alert you if you win anything. Whether your ticket had 3, 4, 5, or all 6 winning numbers, you will be notified, along with the corresponding prize amount. Good Luck!    (Please see Disclaimer)
Last Drawing Date in our records: 3/16/2019 (Normally updated by 10 AM, the day after the drawing)
Winning Numbers: 01-05-13-18-28-32   JackPot: $3,000,000.00   Winners: None
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